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PetersRail – Your Partner for Railways

PetersRail offers its customers reliable solutions for the accomplishment of frequently performed railway track checking and switch checking. Our competence, efficiency and years of experience in the railway industry ensures our joint success in the future.

Efficient Railway Track Checking

By the use of advanced tools and process technologies, like our certified electronic track recording trolley „Krabbe“, we can guarantee highest standards in quality and evaluation of your complete track system – independently from your trackwork provider.


For a Reliable and Safe Railway Operation

Track Checking

We use an electronic track recording trolley for the regulatory approved checking of railway tracks. Our highly efficient method enables a flexbile work process and continual recording of the track geometry.

Switch Checking

For the proper checking of railway switches, the required measurement points are gauged. Additionally we conduct an evaluation of the structural condition and recommend maintenance measures, independently from the track work contractor.


Based on the recorded data we will provide a comprehensive visual evaluation and enable you to evaluate the detected defects and deficiency as well as cost-efficient suggestions for correction.

Electronic Trolley

Track inspection is conducted by the flexible deployment of the electronic track recording trolley "Krabbe", which is certified and approved by Deutsche Bahn AG for inspection.


We are proud to offer our services for feeder tracks, industrial railways, trams, underground railways, narrow gauge as well as main and side tracks. Rerailing and Derailing is possible without any problems and within seconds.



Our customers include renowned companies with whose long-time collaboration we established successful partnerships. The satisfaction of our customers is the benchmark for our activities.