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Track Checking

For the adequate evaluation and checking of your railway system you can count on PetersRail.

With out state-of-the-art electronic survey trolley, we can gather geometry data efficiently and precisely. The data will then be evaluated by our experienced Engineers. Adaptable tolerances and the possibility to measure track with different gauges, we can offer out customers high flexibility.

Switch Checking

Crossings and switches will be checked in accordance with the regulation and the condition will be documented. The measurement results will be written in the switch record card, which will also be provided as digital file.

Electronic Survey Trolley "KRABBE"

For the gathering of the track geometry we use a modern and reliable electronic measurement trolley "KRABBE". The operation is conducted by a skilled engineer and the data can be gathered continually and exactly be evaluated.

The "Krabbe" trolley has a certified type approval of the german federal infrastructure provicer DB Netz AG.

Flexibility is our Strength!

• We check tracks and switches for all feeder tracks, industrial railways, trams, underground railways, narrow gauge as well as main and side tracks. Rerailing and Derailing is possible without any problems and within seconds.

• Certified clearance for tracks of german federal railway.

• Support of 700, 900 1000 and 1435 mm gauges are already possible, further gauges can be adapted on request.

Independent Evaluation

• The evaluation of the tracks and switches will be done independently from the construction company by PetersRail.

• For the elaboration of the maintenance plan we consider speacial needs of our customers.

• By our neutral and objective assessment, you are always on the safe side - without unnecessary expenses.

Excellence by Quality.